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Nazia Hassan 5 iconic songs that made Pakistan’s eternal pop star.

Pakistan’s pop music icon, Nazia Hassan may have been passed away since 18 years. But there is no single day, which goes without her countless fans remembering her eternal vocals. Whether it was her melancholic number Lekin Mera Dil or upbeat disco vibes with Aap Jaisa Koi. She was the first true-blue female singing superstar of Pakistan. Today, we remember her most iconic songs that made the world fall in love with her through, who once sold 60 million records worldwide.
Disco Dee wane
There is no list could be complete without mentioning and remembering Nazia Hassan. Her super-popular, Disco Dee wane was released in 1981 went on to become a chartbuster throughout the world. After 30 years. it was so much reworked into Bollywood’s Student of the Year!
Boom Boom
Next is the track from her mega-hit album of the same name, Boom Boom. Which became the 80s Pepsi Generation voice. Where Michael Jackson, singer of the west had taken the limelight. In Pakistan, no one ever end up not singing the catchy chorus because it had to be Nazia Hassan with this track.
Aap Jaisa Koi
In India the song "Aap Jaisa koi" made Nazia Hassan a household name. This song Aap jaisa koi become the singer’s first ever song in Film fare award Bollywood. People remember the film by this song, Qurbaani and Zeenat Aman’s iconic dance moves. That was fantastic.
When we together with our siblings there is only one song. that made us fall in love with the sibling duo, Zoheb and Nazia Hassan, it has to be Dosti. A melodious song that went on to become the anthem for the budding pop scene was this dosti songs in Pakistan. After so many years this dosti song is still one of the most iconic songs by the two.
Dum Dum Dee Dee
Nazia Hassan probably the most ever psychedelic song, Dum Dum Dee Dee’s Alice in Wonderland theme. It was every Pakistani youth’s favorite music video growing up!
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