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Film ‘Imagine’ Returning to Theaters

On September, remixed and restored a version of Yoko Ono’s and John Lennon “Imagine” will reach theatres worldwide. Solo Tour has been announced by Radiohead’s Thom Yorke. North American expedition to include material spanning entire solo catalogue.

The movie “Imagine”, according to a press release is directed by Lennon and Ono. From the original reels, it was restored frame by frame. Paul Hicks remixed by the audio and it guest stars Dick Cavett. Fred Astaire and Andy Warhol. The bonus footage, 15 minutes in all, includes Lennon and his band Nicky Hopkins, George Harrison, Klaus Voorman and Alan White. They record his anti-Paul McCartney diatribe “Oh My Love” and “How Do You Sleep?” For this performance, a special Dolby Atmos “raw studio” mix was created.

Ono is releasing to commemorate Imagine as it is all part of a glut of media. What would have been Lennon’s 78th birthday, on 9th October?  She is publishing Imagine John Yoko, which consist of 320-page detailing the album’s creation. It is complete with remembrances of more than 40 people who were at the time, close to the couple. It was never done before that Eighty per cent of the photos have been published.

They all were Peace People, who worked on Imagine and it was so exciting and enlightening all the way through to be one of them. “Remember, each one of us has the power to change the world,” said Ono. Warzone was a new album of Ono, which arrive on 19 October. The recording of 12 songs revisit and she recorded between 1970 and 2009, and take these on “Imagine.” Last year, the song based on a 1980 interview with Lennon on which she was awarded a co-writing credit. She was deserving of the credit and the concept came from her book Grapefruit.Film ‘Imagine’ Returning to Theaters